Boom Beach: Frontlines - Fan Kit

We love our community and all the creativity our fans show through their amazing content based on our games! In fact, to make it easier for you to create content,we have prepared this fan kit with a few assets that you may find useful.

Unfortunately, there are some people that take it too far and will use our content in ways that are not permitted by our terms of service, making this policy a necessity. We also want to make sure that no one in our community is taken advantage of by third parties claiming to act under our name or brand.

Fan Content Policy

This Fan Content Policy governs your use of Space Ape’s copyrights and trademarks from our games, including any related fan kits provided by us for Fan Content purposes. We will not give warnings for violations of this Policy. We may share your fan content in our games, online channels, or marketing without being subjected to compensation. It may require minor changes or improvements in order for it to feature in those platforms.

Fan Content Purposes only

You’re welcome to display, identify, and discuss the assets provided by us in the fan kit, as long as their use is in line with our policy.

You cannot create new products or content based on Space Ape Assets, be it free or otherwise. This includes things like merch or games.

Online guides, fan art, fan meetups, and gameplay videos are ok as long as they’re in line with our policy.

Be non-commercial

Any content you create using our assets must be free of charge unless otherwise authorized by Space Ape.

The only exceptions are ad monetization, donations, or coaching. Please note that donations are only acceptable if the person donating doesn’t get any special items or other features in return.

Respect Space Ape’s/Supercell’s brand

You cannot create the impression that Space Ape or Supercell is a sponsor, the creator of, or otherwise endorses your Fan Content.

In order to safeguard our brands and trademarks, we do not allow content that is intended to imitate or impersonate Space Ape’s or Supercell’s intellectual property. This includes both digital (eg: games) and physical (eg: merch) content. Do not modify Space Ape’s Assets unless authorized to do so by us.

No bad stuff

The usual conduct rules also apply to content you create using Space Ape Assets. This includes content featuring the following:

  1. Promotion or showcase of cheats, hacks, exploits, automation software, bots, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with any Space Ape game;
  2. Defamatory or dishonest statements about Space Ape and/or its products, employees, and agents;
  3. Sharing of personal information or impersonation of Space Ape’s employees and agents;
  4. Promoting, directly or indirectly, account trading or selling;
  5. Promoting, directly or indirectly, the manufacturing and/or distribution of unauthorized Space Ape merchandise;
  6. Containing sexually explicit or suggestive materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities;
  7. Containing other objectionable content, including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, weapons, or political ads.

Insert disclaimers

If you do create content using our assets, you should also include a statement such as "This material is unofficial and is not endorsed by Space Ape or Supercell" to go with it.

Beware of Trademark infringement

Do not register domain names, social media accounts or related addresses that include Space Ape's trademarks unless otherwise authorized. This includes things such as our company name, game names, and various logos.

Do not leak information

Content containing information that is not yet public is not permitted. This includes any information about games currently in development or that have been developed in the past but not released. It also includes non-released features of existing games.

Any other outstanding information explicitly stated by Space Ape as not allowed to be shared, should not be shared.

The alpha playtest is the exception to this rule as, even though it’s under development and invite-only, it’s authorized to be shared by Space Ape.

Follow developer policies and agreements

Should you use a 3rd party platform to host your fan content (eg: youtube), please make sure you follow their policies as well.

Please note we reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we are OK with and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason.

This Policy is part of Space Ape’s Terms & Conditions, and we may modify them at any time. When using Space Ape’s Assets for Fan Content purposes, your use is subject to Space Ape’s Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). In the event a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms & Conditions, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.

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